Avoid Job Scams

Have you ever gotten a job offer that turned out to be fake? I have. I probably should’ve known from the beginning, because the way they reeled me in was through a text message, saying they saw my resume on indeed and wanted to connect with me about a copywriter position for So&So Company. How would they have gotten my phone number, anyway? Indeed’s not supposed to give out that information.

But, after months of looking for full time work with zero success, I guess I was feeling desperate, so I responded to the text, which encouraged me to get the WhatsApp app on my phone to chat with the HR manager.

After a 40-minute interview via WhatsApp, I was told I’d done a great job interviewing and to check the app the next day at 8am to find out what their hiring decision was.

To make a long story short, I was offered a job by this individual, and so I emailed the company to make sure the offer was legit. It turns out this guy has been scamming lots of people, posing as a rep for So&So. They’d had several queries like mine.

The good news is, I didn’t disclose my social security or bank account number to this guy. Thank God. The bad news is he still has my contact info, which is more than I’m comfortable with.

So what’s my point? Be careful. Finding a job is super hard, so if a supposed hiring manager finds you, think twice. I’m not saying it never happens, but I think it’s pretty rare. Who wouldn’t love to believe that they’re so talented they’ve got employers recruiting them? My bad.

Beware of interviews that are too easy. I actually don’t have copywriting experience, yet, but he said I interviewed very well. Hmmm…

Watch out for a high pay rate. I was promised $35 an hour. I can honestly say that I’ve never made that kind of money. I was already planning out our lives with this huge raise.

Just because it appears solid doesn’t mean it is. Yes, there’s an actual So&So Company with an actual website. But that just means the scammer’s done his homework.

Apparently, these scam artists prey on people looking for jobs on Indeed. That’s how they become familiar with your career interests and the type of job you’re looking for.

I think it could happen to anyone having a bad day. You’re curious. “It’s probably a scam,” you think. “But what if it isn’t?” Then they hook you by seeming to know just enough about copywriting or whatever to be convincing.

My advice is to ignore those messages. Not the legit ones that sometimes come directly from Indeed, but text messages for sure.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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