Part Time Writer

I’ve been writing for Content Cucumber for almost two weeks. The first week was a little rough, because I was trying to write two articles a day, and I found that with Aislyn at home, it was just too much. I thought I could work full time and take care of her simultaneously because I’d be at home. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No.

So I talked to them about it at CC. They were understanding when I asked if I could write just one article a day. It’s made a huge difference. I can write 400-800 words and not feel like I’m shafting Aislyn. Also, my mother-in-law is taking her Fridays, so that will help, especially on the 800-word days.

They seem nice at CC. They seem like they might be a from a younger generation than me. It’s weird for me to be so old and yet so green. I feel like a technological idiot at times. I’m learning a lot about digital marketing through my research and writing. A lot about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), also.

At first I got some of my articles sent back to me for revising, but I’m not seeing that as much now. I’m taking that as a sign of improvement.

I hope they like me. I hope they like my writing. They must. They did hire me, after all. I feel like I’m getting great experience and becoming a better writer with every article. I can’t wait for my next assignment on Tuesday.

Cartoon Cucumber Stock Illustrations – 10,379 Cartoon Cucumber Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

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