Success Is Never an Accident. It's a Choice.
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It’s amazing how your luck can change in just a few days when you’re on the job hunt. Last week I had nothing, and now this week I’m swarmed with offers. It’s been a long time coming, though. I’ve been looking for how many months?

I think it’s helped that I’ve started this blog. I’m getting practice and employers can see my work. I’ve also accumulated several writing samples from applying to jobs and volunteering. My resume alone wasn’t going to cut it, with mostly teaching (teacher agencies do continue to court me, as well).

So what is my long term goal? Ultimately, I want to write a book about my childhood. I also have a short story I wrote last year that I haven’t submitted anywhere. I think I might be afraid to let it go. I’ve had this problem forever with my work. I did submit a story once to Seventeen magazine and never heard anything back, which I know is typical in the writing world.

At the risk of sounding naive, I’m a little (just a little) surprised at how lucrative creative writing is not. It turns out that getting your short story published usually only generates a couple of hundred dollars at the most. Some magazines pay $50, and some pay nothing at all. For some reason I thought authors usually made a couple thousand off a story. The money is less important to me than the experience, but I do also have two little kids to feed. That’s where freelancing comes in, I suppose.

I’m just happy to be doing the one thing I feel confident about. Finally.

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